Hi! I’m Sadday.


I usually see pages like this written in the third person but since today I’m not feeling like I have a personality disorder, I’ll write this in the first person.


I don’t have a great story about how I was a homeless drug addict until one day I had this huge realization and boom! Sadday became the most healthy, successful, fearless, centered, no-more-issues-ever person in the world.


I don’t believe in magic pills, quick fixes and superficial positivity.


Not to say that you can’t have big breakthroughs and dramatically change your life. In the two decades I’ve spent immersed in the study of the human mind, I’ve seen incredible transformations not only in my life but in my client’s lives. But what I know to be true is that  breakthroughs come when you make a decision; and the first decision is to be willing to do the work that your personal growth requires. 


If you’re not willing to do the work, I am not your gal.


So my story is a story about going through pain -some times horrible pain- and finding a way out of pain and into freedom and joy.


I grew up to believe that my value was based on doing and not in being. I learned that things needed to be done, a lot of them!

My little brain understood that no matter what I did, it was never enough, that I was not good enough.

I thought that things needed to be perfect, that I needed to be perfect.   


Of course I wasn’t aware of that at the time but as a teenager I felt a lot of pressure and I knew that I didn’t want to feel like I could never reach a well done! Neither from myself nor from others around me. I thought, something must be wrong here… 


That took me on a mission to learn about myself. I started exploring meditation, personal development, metaphysics, and anything that could help me understand why people around me suffered, why I suffered, and how to fix it. I wanted to know what was I doing wrong. 


Eventually I became a Clinical Psychologist and a Life Coach. Surprise! 


Now I know one thing for sure


There’s nothing inherently wrong with me & I didn't need to be fixed. 


See, we receive messages from the outside world all the time, but when we’re young we don’t have filters and we believe what we hear. If those messages are repeated enough, or if they're delivered in a way that creates a significant emotional response in us, we create a story and  we come to believe that we are the story.  


Our brain creates a pathway where the story is not only attached to a belief

but to a behavior, and that behavior creates a result.


Then we go through our lives looking for confirmation of that story. Even if that story is limiting and disempowering.

The good news is that we can create new neural-pathways.


We can create a new story and express our full potential. Mastering your mind is the path to real success from the inside out. 


So, what happened to my perfectionism and my need to overachieve?


I stopped the nonsense that my value is based on doing and on doing perfectly, but most importantly, I’ve learned that I get to be the high achiever that I am. And that I get to keep the high standards that I believe in without living in overwhelm and without constantly being busy for no good reason or results.


I get to keep the good stuff, maximize it, and put it into constructive use while getting rid of the little voice inside my head; the one that kept me stuck.


In other words, I strive for excellence not perfection.


And that’s possible for you too! Being the high achiever that you are actually gives you an unfair advantage to reach your highest potential. 


So, if this resonates with you, thank you for joining me in the journey to unperfect ourselves and break the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.

I help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial minds get out of their head and into action

so that they can enjoy success in their business and in their life in joy & fulfillment